Life, The Universe, And Everything


Sometimes living is overwhelming. Simply existing is all we can do and it still drains our energy away. We feel stuck. Like we don’t belong and everything is wrong and what the hell are we doing here…
People come and go and we ask ourselves how can they do that? How can they live, smile and emanate this bright light as if darkness and self doubt never touched them. As if their life was filled with so much happiness and we wonder how can they be happy in a world like this… We compare.
Sometimes we can’t understand that there’s no easy way out, even to that person we think has got it easier. We don’t understand that we’re doing exactly what we hate when people do it to us: we’re judging them.
And you know, I don’t claim to understand life, the universe and everything in between. I’m so small. My soul is still so young. I’ve got so many lifetimes to live. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, one rule, one major truth, this one thing that is supposed to make it all worthwhile: we just need to love.

© Máh Lima


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