Do you understand how difficult it is to find someone that stays? And on the first sign of trouble you want to walk away? DON’T! If you don’t ever stick around, you will never find out that there is no “meant to be”. There’s only a lot of effort, love, respect and consistency.
© Máh Lima


6 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Compromise has multiple definitions. The one that stuck out to me and is most important in a relationship with yourself or another is “accept standards that are lower than is desirable.” Never accept anything lower than your standards” Love yourself first.

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    1. I prefer to see it as the latin based one (my native language is Brazilian Portuguese) and it would be closer to commitment.
      In a two person relationship, be it romantic or not, there are always some compromise. I think what’s important is where it comes from: anger or love. If you’re going to resent the other person, don’t do it. If you’re fine with it, then do it. As long as there’s balance, respect, consistency, commitment, love and a will to understand, it should be ok.


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