Tender is the Night


Let’s take it slow. I know you want this and I do too. But maybe we still need time. You know I’ve been hurt and you’ve been too. And it’s best we make sure we’re not just licking each other’s wounds.

Let’s keep control. Sometimes all we want is to let loose, but let’s not. At least not all at once. If we play this right it may last a lifetime. And I’d hate to lose you because I couldn’t hold myself in check.

Let’s get to know one another like we know the back of our hands. Let’s learn our boundaries. What sets us off. And with confidence, let’s overcome each and every hurdle we meet along the way.

Let’s become the first person that comes to mind when whatever happens. The last person we think about before we go sleep. And the person we dream about in the in between.

Let’s take our time. We don’t have to do like A or B. We don’t have to be what they expect us to be. Let’s find our own way of being us. We don’t have to rush, there’s always time. When we make time to be just you and I.
ยฉ Mรกh Lima


10 thoughts on “Tender is the Night

  1. this tickles the heart, Mah. you chose very simple words yet you can weave them into something extra special. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love this line so much: ” itโ€™s best we make sure weโ€™re not just licking each otherโ€™s wounds.”

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