Someone like you

ro5eug4neg.pngI’ve been waiting for someone that can fill up your shoes. It’s been hard, you know. What we had, and somehow still have, is too hard to find in today’s world.

A world where people don’t know how to stay, too scared of being true, showing vulnerability, creating connections. People that think shallowness and cold shoulders will warm their hearts. People with burning bodies and frozen feelings.

I’ve been looking for this thing you and I have. This all season’s kinda love. This complete acceptance of each other. This belief that even when we fight, we can make up. Because we can’t seem to live without one another, because we actually choose, everyday, not to.

I’ve been praying for a love like ours, that’s willing to go the next step and to keep going, to infinity and beyond.
© Máh Lima


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